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Getting started

Welcome to Craft Animations and Craft Director Studio. This guide will teach you the basic workflow of Craft Director Studio.

Craft Director Studio

Click on the Craft Animations icon to open Craft Director Studio's main window.

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Create new (OS X)

There are four Create groups: Vehicles, Cameras, Accessories and Templates. Click, and hold down the mouse button, to open the vehicle group. (Vehicles).

Creation window

Click on 4WheelerFree.

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Move body

Position 4Wheeler_01_CarBodyMesh on your high poly mesh.

Scale body

Scale 4Wheeler_01_CarBodyMesh so that it fits your high poly mesh.

Move wheels
Scale wheels

Position and scale the wheels of Craft 4-Wheeler Free. Make sure they are properly centered in the middle of the high poly wheels.


Link/Parent the high poly meshes to their respective parts (4WheelerFree_01_CarBodyMesh, 4WheelerFree_01_WheelMesh_FL, 4WheelerFree_01_WheelMesh_FR, 4WheelerFree_01_WheelMesh_BL and 4WheelerFree_01_WheelMesh_BR) so that they will inherit the motion once you start to record.

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Craft Director Studio

Use the high poly toggle (Toggle hig poly) to hide the high poly meshes. The high poly toggle can be found in the tool tree list in Craft Director Studio's main window.

Craft Director Studio

To interact with a ground object, link/parent GravityDirectionMesh (the red arrow) to the object.
Please note: If you leave the GravityDirectionMesh linked/parented to the CarBodyMesh, Craft 4-Wheeler Free will use a flat, invisible plane to drive on.

In order to control the vehicle in real-time, you need to configure some inputs for the tool. Open up the Input Settings by first highlight 4WheelerFree in the tool tree list, then clicking on the icon found in the hotbar in Craft Director Studio's main window. This will open up a new window.

Craft Director Studio
Here you can either select a profile in the list and click the Load Profile button (load input settings) to load an input preset, or use the Detect button to have your input detected. We recommend using an analog input device, such as a gamepad/joystick.

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Craft Director Studio
To get a better view when maneuvering Craft 4-Wheeler Free, change viewport to one of the following cameras:
Craft Director Studio

Click Record in Craft Director Studio's main window to start recording. Maneuver Craft 4-Wheeler Free with the input settings configured earlier and drive the desired route. Craft 4-Wheeler Free's movement will be saved during the duration of the recording. Click Stop to stop the recording.

You can change the countdown feature by entering Main -> Preferences.

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