Craft Animations Craft Director Studio


Starting Craft Director Studio


Craft Director Studio must be initiated in Maya Plug-in Manager.

To initiate Craft Director Studio in Maya:

  1. Start Maya.
  2. Select Window > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager.
    Windows to plug-in
  3. Check Loaded and Auto load for craftdirectortoolsadaptor_maya2009.mll (name depends on which version of Maya you're running).
    Plug-in Manager
  4. Click Close to close the Plug-in Manager.
  5. Craft Director Studio will now start with Maya automatically.

To make sure that playback runs as smooth as possible after you've recorded an animation, do the following:

  1. Click the Animation preferences button in the bottom right corner of Maya.
    Animation preferences button
  2. Change Playback Speed to Real-time [24 fps].
    Animation preferences real-time setting
  3. Click Save.
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Starting Craft Director Studio

  1. Start Maya
  2. Click on the Director Studio tab in the Shelf.
  3. Click on the Craft Animations logotype.
    Craft Animations Logotype
  4. Craft Director Studio should now be open.
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