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Craft ZoomAndFocusCam gives you the ability to create and control focus effects in real time. Animators can now shift focus between two points in real time. This can either be done gradually or suddenly, and it doesn't matter whether the two points are in motion - this creates the perfect solution for real time cinematics.

Craft ZoomAndFocusCam

Info Craft ZoomAndFocusCam moves its focal point between two boundaries, called Focal Targets. FocalTarget_1 is normally associated with the joystick's position 0 (i.e. the position of the joystick when it is unmoved). FocalTarget_2 is associated with the joystick's position 1 (i.e. fully forward). Note that you do not have to use a joystick and you can decide which positions are associated with which controllers, but for the sake of explanation we will talk about joysticks.

Depending on how Craft ZoomAndFocusCam is configured, the focal point will either move gradually or suddenly between these points; between 0 and 1. There is also a third, unmarked end-point; associated with the joystick's -1 position (i.e. where the joystick is pulled back all the way). This unmarked position is placed at the same distance from point 0, but in the opposite direction from point 1. The -1 point moves in real time in proportion to the distance between point 0 and 1.
  1. Create a Craft ZoomAndFocusCam.
  2. Configure the Input settings for Craft ZoomAndFocusCam (using an analog input device is recommended).

    To configure the Input settings for Craft ZoomAndFocusCam select Craft ZoomAndFocusCam in the tool tree list and click the Input settings button. This will open the input settings window for Craft ZoomAndFocusCam.
    Control change
  3. Link/parent the focal targets FocalTarget_1 and FocalTarget_2 to the objects to be focused on, or simply place them in the relevant locations (i.e. if you are focusing on stationary objects).
  4. For best results animating Craft ZoomAndFocusCam itself, it is recommended that you use Craft ZoomAndFocusCam in conjunction with other Craft Director Studio' cameras.
  5. If the scene is too complex, the recording will be slow and choppy. It is therefore advisable to hide the high-poly models until after the animation is finished.
  6. Press Record in Craft Director Studio's main window in order to start the recording. Maneuver Craft ZoomAndFocusCam with the input settings configured earlier.
  7. Craft ZoomAndFocusCam's motion will be recorded and key-framed during the recording. Press Stop to end the recording.
    • If the recording is not satisfactory drag the timeline back to any position desired and continue to rerecord from there. This way the entire recording does not have to be redone.
    • By using the Countdown feature, it's possible to pick up the input device and get ready before the recording starts.
    • To make it easier to maneuver tricky parts in the animations, use the Slow-motion factor in Craft Director Studio's main window.
  8. Configure Craft ZoomAndFocusCam so that it uses Depth of View, otherwise it won't have the desired focus effect. Here's how:
      3ds Max:
    1. Select Craft AutofocusCam's camera and open the Modify panel.
    2. Activate the Multi-Pass Effect and then choose Depth Of View.
    3. Configure the Depth of Field parameter f-stop at the desired depth of focus.
      Depth of view
    1. Select Craft ZoomAndFocusCam's camera and open the Attribute Editor.
    2. Go down to the Depth of View and check the box to activate Depth of View.
    3. Configure the Depth of Field parameter f-stop at the desired depth of focus.
      Depth of view
  9. Render.
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›› Input settings

Focal Position

Moves the focus point of Craft ZoomAndFocusCam point of focus (CurrFocalPoint) between the FocalTarget meshes.
ZoomAndFocusCam Focal Position


Makes Craft ZoomAndFocusCam zoom in and out.


Spinners enables the change of parameter values with an input controller in real time.

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›› Config settings

General Modes

Hide Helpers
Hides the helper objects.

Hide Helpers during Recording
Hides the helpers during recording.

Hide Camera
Hides the camera.

Focus Parameters

Use spherical focal surface
Use this parameter to give the camera a spherical focal point instead of a plane.
Use spherical focal surface

Zoom Parameters

Maximum FOV
Determines the maximum for zooming out. A higher FOV value = ability to zoom out farther.

Minimum FOV
Determines the maximum for zooming in. A lower FOV value = ability to zoom in more.

Integration Speed Exponent
A dynamic change speed value that adjust the FOV change speed so that it doesn't move too fast when you're working with low FOV values. The change speed = c*Input*(180-curr_FOV)^exponent.

Input Property Parameters

Focal Position Response Factor
How fast the Craft ZoomAndFocusCam's focal point reacts.

Focal Position Change Limit
How fast the Craft ZoomAndFocusCam's focal point can move (units/frame).

Zoom Response Factor
How fast Craft ZoomAndFocusCam's zoom reacts.

Zoom Change Limit
Maximum speed for zooming (units/frame).

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